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Oct 14


Nov 10

InEvent Features Releases: Live Transcription, Pre-recorded Live, Q&A & Pinned Chat Messages

Oct 8

InEvent Open House - Sydney Time

Oct 1

InEvent Open House - London Time

Oct 1

InEvent Open House - NY Time

Sep 25

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Virtual Event: Introducing InEvent's Control Room

In this feature preview, InEvent introduces Control Room, its newest feature to be release soon! The session with the InEvent team explains how Control Room simplifies the virtual events streaming experience by providing a better fluidity and control for speakers, attendees and MC’s. The feature also enables different screen layouts, fully supported on all mobile devices for greater accessibility on the move. Watch the recording to learn all the benefits and see all the questions made from our attendees!

Virtual Event: Migrate your virtual event with InEvent Live

In this hand-on session, we choose a lucky attendee to brainstorm about a virtual event briefing: a trade show done 100% online for the first time. With event experts Joseph Lara and Stéphane Benoit, we gave real life insights to make this a successful transition to virtual. To close off our event, we demonstrated how this migration could be done using InEvent's platform, wrapping up with a beautiful and functional virtual trade show.

Virtual Event: Online Communities 101

In this virtual event powered by InEvent, we meet with Sangram Vajre, Clara Flaherty and Taylor Ryan to talk strategies, challenges and experiences creating and nurturing Online Communities. Following different approaches we discuss the different ways they have built their own brands and businesses leveraging communities in several channels.

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